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Thank you and congratulations on installing Vidioly - Shop with Friends. Your customers will now enjoy the new high touch experience on your stores.

Vidioly is free to use for small and medium sized store owners via Yahoo! Commerce Central.  There is no further account setup or administration required at this time.  

FAQ for Store Owners:

What are the features of Vidioly?

Vidioly is a group video conversations app for your store front.  It allows your visitors to chat with their friends and family, browse the store and make faster buy decisions for products they seek feedback. Please visit the features page for more information.

How do I get Vidioly for my store?

Vidioly is available for free across 30+ popular e-commerce platforms via Yahoo! Commerce Central.  Yahoo provides a simple, self-managed, auto install procedure for your website.

How does Vidioly work?  Do my visitors need a special app or plug-in?  Does it impact my store front?

Vidioly uses the latest HTML5 technology called WebRTC (developed by Google), which provides built-in video and audio communication capabilities in the browser.  This means that users do not have to download any plug-ins or install any applications.  Vidioly has made it even simpler with a non-intrusive start button that overlays on your store front.  Users click once to start, and the Vidioly technology, powered by OpenClove, takes care of the rest.

Does it work on Mobile or Tablets?  How?

Yes.  Please visit the features page for more information.

Vidioly is really Free?  What is the catch?

We believe in the power of video conversations to define a new way of shopping online, making it fun again.  We also believe that small and medium store owners, challenged by big store competition, are aggressively seeking new ways of helping gain and retain their customers.. and therefore will benefit the most from Vidioly.  

We are offering Vidioly, as is, for free up to a fairly high usage limit - 2000 calls or 10,000 minutes of engagement per store.  This will allow you to offer a superior user experience and guage the benefit of social video engagement for your store.  Stores requiring high volume engagement, custom branding, features or deeper store integration requirements, please contact

Vidioly is really Free?  What is the catch?

Vidioly allows video conversations as long as the store visitor is on your site and our objective is to keep them and their video guests on your site as long as possible.  If we detect that the visitor has abandoned your site, calls may be terminated after a total call time of 15 minutes or within 2 minutes after the last product page was browsed.  Fair use policies apply to eliminate potential mis-use, fraud by users or store owners and to provide the best user experience to the end users.

Do we get support?

Since Vidioly is free, and support is best effort only.  However, please do send your questions, technical issues or general feedback to and we will try our best to respond to you.  

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