Get started on using Vidioly application to shop with your friends

You can Video chat and shop together with your friends or loved ones.Following steps describe how to use Vidioly application.


Store page will display "Shop with Friends" button at the bottom of page as shown in fig:1. Click on button to view the widget.

Fig: 1

Step:2 (If your browser supports Video)

Clicking on 'Shop with Friends' will launch the widget as shown in picture on your right. If your browser supports Video it shows 2 options. "START Video Chat" and "START Call Your Phone".

Fig: 2

Step:2.1 (For IE browser, install the plugin to start video chat)

Clicking on 'Shop with Friends' will launch the widget and show the link to install plugin to start video chat. once you install the plugin, then onwards, it will be available to make video chat as shown below.

Fig: 3

Step:2.2 (If your browser does not support video)

Clicking on 'Shop with Friends' will launch the widget as shown in picture on your right.If your browser does not support Video calling, it shows only "START Call Your Phone" option This allows you to start session with voice call on your phone.

Fig: 4


Enter your name and click on GO. This option will allow you to conenct with your friends and Family on Video. After clicking Call will be started as shown in fig:5.

Fig: 5


Vidioly button bar at the bottom of screen shows invite options to share the invite link along with share page and end call buttons. You can share current page of the store with other parties joined in the call using 'SHARE PAGE' button'. To end the vidioly call click on 'End'

Fig: 6


Invitation to friends can be sent using any of the invitation options on the button bar.

Fig: 7

Clicking on email icon will open new email window as shown in fig:7

Currently SIX parties can join the vidioly call.

Fig: 8


To join the vidioly call , click on the invite link received by e-mail or other socaila media options supported by Vidioly. Click on 'Shop With Friends' and enter name. You can join video call by clicking on 'START Video Chat' and window will appear as shown in fig: 8.

To share page of the store with other friends in call, click on "share page" button as in fig:6.

Fig: 9


To join by voice call in case of low bandwidth or any other reason, click on "START Call Your Phone". To start voice Vidioly call, country code and phone number has to be given and click on 'GO' as shown in fig:10.

Fig: 10


If one party joins by voice call, vidioly call screen appears as in Fig:11.

Fig: 11

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