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Vidioly IBM

Vidioly . Shop with Friends brings Social Video Conversations for your online store. Shoppers can video and voice chat with friends and co-browse products on your store to refer, decide and buy - just like visiting a real store with a group of friends or family. Online shopping made fun again.

Benefits to the IBM WebSphere Commerce Customers

  • Promote - Customers become brand promoters, when they invite Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email friends to your store.
  • Engage - Video Conversations with 9 friends discussing your products, making recommendations and creating buzz.
  • Convert - Higher conversion rates as trusted friends and family help shoppers to choose products in real-time.

Read more about the Vidioly features here

User Guide for using Vidioly is available here

IBM WebSphere Commerce Implementation

Vidioly is a simple JavaScript app for IBM Commerce Composer for WebSphere Commerce FEP7. It is available for installation via simple steps using the Commerce Composer. Once installed and configured on the online store, Vidioly provides an overlay button on the IBM Smarter Commerce store, which can be used to initiate the video or voice chat by the site visitors without any impact to the storefront. Vidioly does not modify the store in any ways, or touch any data, so it is completely secure and non-impacting for the store. It utilizes a Secure Communications cloud provided by OpenClove, which is deployed across 8 global locations.

Install Guide is available here

Commercials and Pricing

We are offering Vidioly, as is, for free for up to 500 calls or 2,500 minutes of engagement per store per month. Plans for higher usage start at $50 per month for 5000 minutes of usage.

Vidioly can be optionally customized for any IBM Smarter Commerce customer for modifications in call flow, look and feel, layouts, branding, adding customer service agent capability, text messaging or deeper integration with the store. Please contact to request more information.

Terms of Usage of Vidioly are available here

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